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As a professional trade association, the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) helps the worldwide photo imaging community achieve business success and adapt to new technologies.

For nearly a century, PMA has served the needs of people across all aspects of the photo industry, including equipment manufacturers, dealers, photo service providers, imaging labs, photographers, software/app developers, educators and more. Just as the business of photo imaging has changed dramatically over the years, so too has PMA evolved, bringing new tools, resources, information and opportunities to its members worldwide.

Today, PMA helps members grow their businesses in a variety of ways. We seek to:
• Empower businesses to effectively serve and sell to the consumer
• Evangelize, advocate and promote overall industry interests
• Provide knowledge and expertise, so the photography businesses can grow and thrive
• Create, support and promote industry-related guidelines and conventions

PMA – Promoting Innovation & Education in the Business of Imaging